After having hip replacement surgery recently, I had the good fortune to be able to recuperate for a couple of weeks with my sister and her family in Connecticut. It was a wonderful time, and I will always remember the warmth and caring they gave me.  I also had the company and companionship of some remarkable animals who made my stay even more special.


Liam is a 13 year old grey tiger cat whom I remember as an unusual kitten with a very long body and tail. A few years ago he was attacked by a coyote and had to have his tail amputated. Now he looks like a Manx, but that doesn’t at all affect his dignity. He is normally shy but he seemed to sense that I am a cat person and he ended up sleeping on my bed often, giving me the most loving looks with his big eyes. His presence was comforting and heartwarming.

Piper and Lucy

Piper and Lucy are two Cardigan Welsh Corgis, an entirely entertaining pair who had us all mesmerised with their antics every day. Lucy is only 12 weeks old, the newest member of the family, so she is learning how to be a Corgi, with much help and instruction from her 5 year old companion Piper. At times as they played, Piper made the strangest sounds I’ve ever heard come from a dog – it was like gargling along with growling, and could have been ominous except that he was very gentle with Lucy and was clearly teaching her dog etiquette. Lucy’s ears were just starting to go up into their upright position, so sometimes she looked a little comical, with one ear up and one down.

Stanley in one of his typical poses

Stanley was my parents’ cat and after they both passed away a few years ago, he went to live at my sister’s where he had often visited. He is huge and hard to move if he’s comfortable where you decide you want to sit…Here he is stretched out on the couch, completely relaxed and happy.