It seems fitting that on this last day of the year, I was inspired to clean out my junk drawer. It was totally unplanned, but happened because I was looking for batteries for my headlamp, which I had discovered in an old backpack. When I realised how disorganised the junk drawer had become, it turned into a very satisfying project that lead to weeding out plenty of unneeded items and gave me a better idea of what’s in there. I always seem to work better at tasks like that when inspiration comes out of the blue. It’s no longer a chore, but more of a creative endeavor, involving rearranging, sorting, organising and rediscovering…all positive things, and a very good way to bring this old year to a close.

Now a new year is about to begin. I feel a new energy and want to transform it into something creative, perhaps even more writing, which I’ve neglected since before the pandemic.

May joy, renewal, healing and love abound in the days and months ahead.