Thoughts, musings, ideas, recollections and reminiscences, quotes and poems, drawings and photographs and maybe some recipes – from my life on Kimball Hill in the White Mountains of New Hampshire


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hi Susann,
    Your blog is just so interesting and so you. The letters and cards written to me and
    saved were great in the transmission of the excitement of the realization of years of
    dreaming about New England and your return to the beautiful mountains and very
    supportive and loving family. That very long sentence just summarized my personal
    joy in sumnmarizing our friendships and my personal happiness about your ending
    the Finger Lakes scene.

    Our friendship began and grew as we enjoyed many hikes on many trails and would
    have done more had we not both declined physically as we aged. Eventually, neither
    of us could hike. I waited until you could relate your walking success which must have
    have occured by now. I looked for a note about this. How’s it going? Not in miles.
    Are you having fun as you start?
    Hiking buddy, Ed

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